c. a. higgins



"Blastr's Fangrrls Presents: Women In Geek Media – The Saga Continues" 

OCT. 6TH 2016 | 2:45 PM - 3:45 PM


"The third year of Women in Geek Media has arrived! Listen to detailed accounts of careers in the industry, and find out what you can do to support journalistic diversity as it grows within the fields comics, film, tv and video games. Featuring Cher Martinetti, Catrina Dennis, Alisha Grauso, Jamie Broadnax, C.A. Higgins. Sarah Kuhn, and Connie Willis."
Event page here.

"Deleted Scenes"

OCT. 7TH 2016 | 5 PM - 6 PM

BookCon At NYCC | 500 W 36th St.

"Editing a book is no easy feat, especially for the person who wrote that book. Authors C.A. Higgins (Lightless series), Peter Brett (The Demon Cycle), Vic James (Gilded Cage), each read a deleted scene from a published novel and discuss why it landed on the cutting room floor."

Event page here.